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Clair Brothers triumphs over rain for Festival Of Life

INDONESIA: PT Total Productions recently supplied a Clair Brothers sound reinforcement system for the Festival Of Life. Held at the 80,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta, the worship event featured guest artists Darlene Zschech, Sidney Mohede and Joyce Meyer.



For the main left and right hangs, 15 i218M large format line arrays were positioned per side supported by 10 iS218M subs either side of the stage – all of which were powered by Clair Brothers 20K amps. Six FF2-H-M speakers per side provided front-fill support, powered by Clair Brothers 10K amps, whilst 12 i212Ms with four iS218Ms per side were used for out-fills.

‘PT Total Productions’ Ellyas Benyamin and local system engineer Tony Subarkah and his technicians got the system up in very inclement conditions and did a great job,’ said Jim Monk, FOH engineer for worship leader and singer-songwriter, Darlene Zschech. Clair Brothers’ Wayne Grosser acted as system engineer for the concert, providing the entire system design.

‘The stadium is 282m wide by 160m from the front of the i218M array hang,’ furthered Mr Monk. ‘The system design needed even coverage throughout this large stadium as the FOH mix position was sat at 70m. The i218M’s throw capability was amazing all the way back to the last row.’

PT Total Productions purchased 48 i218Ms and iS218Ms in time for the concert, which were delivered within a week to PT Total Productions. ‘This was Clair Brothers’ best turnaround time ever for a large stadium system like this,’ he continued. ‘It went directly to the stadium, and was flown, plugged and played in the rain. The biggest challenge in the end was not with any of the production as such, but more so with the incredible wet weather that we encountered each day that caused city-wide flooding. As the event was in an outdoor stadium this caused serious delays in putting the system together – minimising time for tuning and time aligning, let alone line checks and sound checking for two complete bands with separate line systems and consoles,’ he reflected.

‘However one thing that stands out for me was the speed at which the system came together when there was finally a break in the weather,’ he added. ‘Also, the punch of the system – particularly in the low-mid and the low-end extension of the line array – really left the subs to act as the "icing on the cake", so to speak. You could almost run the event with no subs at all.’

Mr Monk stated that ‘overall I was more than happy with the Clair Brothers system, as the power and coverage criteria was fully met with plenty of head room to spare. This is all thanks to the well thought-out system design. This was the first time that I was exposed to the i218M system in this configuration and if first impressions are anything to go by, I will definitely be adding this system to my rider for future events,’ he concluded.


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