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Clair Brothers deployed for Music Bank Concert

INDONESIA: Electro Production supplied a substantial Clair Brothers i128M sound reinforcement system for the Korean Broadcast System's (KBS) recent Music Bank concert. Held at the 80,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium Jakarta, the event saw a range of K-Pop artists take the stage to entertain the thousands of fans in attendance.

KBS was in charge of the production and produced a live broadcast of the concert, which saw 'Taek Jin Shin take the role of sound director, Kim Dop Seok serve as systems engineer, whilst Seoul Sound's Seo Hyoung Man assumed the role of FOH engineer.

The system comprised a total of 60 i218M large format line arrays, 32 iS218M subwoofers, eight active two-way full range loudspeakers, six FF2-H-M front-fill speakers and 24 12AM stage monitors.

'Electro Production has the latest technology in the industry and the largest format line array system available in Indonesia to service the biggest concerts that come to the country,'said Wayne Grosser, managing director, Clair Brothers Australia.

'We were on site for five days'; he furthered.'The i218M system produces a frequency range from 38Hz to 20Hkz for a single cabinet, so there was no need to fly subwoofers. The objective was to minimise the reflections under the stadium roof.

'All went smoothly; the only challenge was the fans with their 110db screaming!' he continued. 'Twice during the concert, the Korean promoter said to us that the system sounded very good. KBS Sound director Taek Jin Shin was very pleased with the system/design and Kim Dop Seok and Seo Hyoung Man were extremely happy with the i218M system as well.'


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