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Clair Brothers deployed for South Korean presidential inauguration

SOUTH KOREA: Staff from Sound Works, Kevic and Taekwang Sound worked together to supply and install a Clair Brothers sound reinforcement system for South Korea’s recent 18th presidential inaugural ceremony in Seoul, which saw a woman swiss panerai replica lead the country for the first time. President Park Geun-hye was sworn in at the National Assembly building (Korean Parliament) in front of tens of thousands of people.

Besides the president’s inauguration speech, various musical acts performed on stage; including YouTube sensation Psy, a full orchestra, and a range of traditional Korean music and pop artists.

Twenty-eight Clair Brothers i218M large format line arrays and 16 iS218 subwoofers were deployed for the main left and right system, whilst 24 flown 12AMs were used as monitors. All Clair Brothers speakers were powered by the brand’s CB/PLM amplifiers.

Meanwhile, eight Meyer Sound UM-100P self-powered stage monitors and 18 compact UPJ1P speakers were used for front fills, whilst 16 Electro-Voice X-Line speakers were positioned 100m from the stage as delays.

‘Clair Brothers was selected by Hyungkeun Cho (the technical audio director of the ceremony) panerai replica watches and was approved by the Blue House’s (South Korean White House) audio staff,’ commented J.J. Song, Clair Brothers Audio, Inc, business development, Korea.

‘In the past months, we evaluated various speaker systems for this event, which had to provide high voice intelligibility and definition, in particular in the low-mid part of the systems,’ explained Mr Cho. ‘We were very impressed by Clair Brothers’ i218 systems at the concert venue last December.’

Due to tight security and various inspections, the project took two weeks to complete. Discussing further challenges faced, Mr Song said: ‘Sound-wise, the distance between left and right was very wide. So we had to use many front fills in order to cover the front seats and deliver even SPL to the 70,000 seats in the outdoor venue.’

‘During rehearsals, audio staff from the Blue House and broadcasting stations were impressed by the SPL and the overall imaging across the full spectrum,’ added Seongkeun Ahn, the event’s system engineer.

‘We got two thumbs up from the Blue House!’ enthused Mr Song.


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