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Wenzhou Radio dispatching system relies on Axia

DMT successfully won Wenzhou Radio broadcasting system project and completed installation and testing on March 31, 2012. Since then the system has been put in to use extensively.

For the project, Wenzhou Radio purchased several sets of Axia equipment from DMT, including five AES Nodes, three Analoge Nodes, one XY Router, one set of Pathfinder Pro software, one set of iProbe software and one set of iPlay monitor software. The whole system was connected together using an enterprise grade core Ethernet switch

In the Axia system, any input signal can be freely routed to any of the outputs. The system can be controlled using integrated web servers inside each node so the system can be controlled without installing any additional software. All these features more than met the requirements of Wenzhou Radio and were highly praised by the customer.


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