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DMT helped film dubbing in minority languages

The National Minority Languages film dubbing digitalization project is one of the key projects by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in order to bring outstanding films to the minority groups in China. According to the project, the translation center in the different minority groups within China should be equipped with digital film translation equipment to help the staff in the center raise the level of translation of welfare films for the minority groups in China.

This project was based on an original project started in 2009 and has recently been expanded. New equipment included Avid Pro Tools workstation, Genelec 8040 monitor speakers, Yamaha DM1000 console, SSL Alpha VHD Pre preamp, etc. According to the requirements for different regions, DMT designed two additional systems configured with Avid 003 and Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools HD and a Yamaha console.

DMT Beijing sent their most experienced engineers for system training. Though the underlying technology of the system was complicated the engineers used illustrations and animations to help the trainees understand the system configuration and principles. The training was highly praised by the trainees for its practicality and rationality.

After the training, each trainee was able to complete tasks like creating sessions, adding audio and video tracks, input/output routing, video import, synchronizing sound with picture, editing and mixing audio, recording controlling etc. All the trainees passed the exam and were awarded certificates issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.



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