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New generation of Windshields: Super-Shield & Super-Softie

Monday 7th April, at NAB 2014: Rycote is proud to announce the launch of two brand new products offering exceptional wind shielding performance, durability, and value for money.

The Super-Softie significantly enhances the performance achieved by the existing Softie windshield, through an innovative new aerodynamic shape, and brand new surface material – 3D-Tex, combining to achieve excellent acoustic transparency with superb attenuation of wind noise.

Key features are:


• 3D-Tex & the novel shape and give greatly improved wind noise reduction compared to conventional "soft" windshields.

• A true cavity design, with superb performance at extreme low frequencies

• A rough-service windshield, robust enough for the most challenging ENG situations

• Maintains excellent acoustic transparency in almost all situations,

• High immunity to rain-soaking

The Super-Shield is the latest version of Rycote’s rigid basket windshield, replacing the S Series range, and sitting alongside the flagship modular windshield product.

Key features are:


• A lightweight basket windshield system with a minimum number of parts, that is simple to use

• Configurable for aerodynamic and centre-of-mass balance

• Excellent wind noise reduction and lyre-standard isolation from handling noise

• Removable fur Windjammer to add the highest levels of wind noise suppression


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