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Traktor Audio 2 Updated: iOS/Traktor DJ Ready

We’ve known about the new MK2 edition of the Traktor Audio 2 since last November, but Native Instruments is finally making the full announcement today, complete with quick video showing off all the potential use-cases for the tiny sound card:

Worth clearing up – NI is referring to this new version as the “Traktor Audio 2″ – while the older model was called the “Traktor Audio 2 DJ”. There’s no official MK2 in the new name – we’ve just included it here for clarity’s sake.

A few changes to the actual audio card itself. On the line outputs, the max output level has been raised from +9.6 dBu to +11.7dBu,  their frequency response changed from 10 Hz -40 khZ to 20 Hz – 20 kHz,  and the cross talk has gone from -87 dBu to -105dB. The audio outputs continue to be 24-bit Cirrus Logic converters – with two stereo 1/8″ (no longer 1/4″) outputs with their own volume controls.

The Audio 2 is class-compliant, and works as a plug-and-play device for Traktor DJ on iPad or iPhone. There’s also a new optional power adapter – which isn’t required for any setup, but when used alongside iOS devices is increases output volumes and charges the battery of the device (same as the Kontrol Z1).



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