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Aphex Announces D 500 Duo

Aphex® Announces D 500 Duo “500 Series” 2-Slot Rack Unit

—Aphex “500 Series” receiving frame features Digital and analog I/O—

Today, Aphex®, a worldwide leader in professional audio technology for over 35 years, announced the D 500 Duo, a “500 Series” receiving frame with a unique feature set, including digital input/output.

Learn more about the D 500 Duo here:

“Our D 500 Duo bridges the gap between the traditionally analog 500 Series workflows and digital connectivity,” says Aphex Chairman, David Wiener. “Not only does it include S/PDIF digital that operates at up to 24-bit, 192kHz, its ability to stereo link and chain modules makes it adaptable to many use scenarios."


The D 500 Duo follows up the ground breaking USB 500 Rack as Aphex continues on a path to create products and solutions for the way people work.

Additional D 500 Duo info is here: more information on the Aphex D 500 Duo and other products, visit Aphex on the web, or contact them at 818.767.2929 ext. 101 (or


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