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Aphex Legendary Producer and Artist, Alan Parsons, Pronounces Aphex’s Audio Xciter™ App “The Ultimate Solution For Portable Music Listening”

Legendary Producer and Artist, Alan Parsons, Pronounces Aphex’s Audio Xciter™ App “The Ultimate Solution For Portable Music Listening”

BURBANK, CA ~ March 25, 2014 - Legendary producer and artist, Alan Parsons, today pronounced that Aphex’s popular Audio Xciter™ app for the iOS and Android platforms of smartphones and tablets is the most practical and cost-effective way to achieve improved audio quality and enhance the listening experience on portable devices.

Audio Xciter for iOS:

Audio Xciter for Android:

Audio Xciter, Aphex’s acclaimed music app, gives the user a remarkable listening experience by processing the music in a way that brings out all the nuances the artist intended to be heard.

“MP3 music on smartphones and portable players has become a virtually inescapable delivery format for millions of consumers”, says Parsons. “Although better audio formats are available, for now, the consumer on the move will always be reluctant to spend the extra download time and to allow the necessary storage space for higher resolution audio files. There is no doubt that Audio Xciter helps improve the detrimental effects of MP3 compression and creates a simply better listening experience,” says Parsons. This dramatic performance improvement comes directly from the Aphex Aural Exciter technology, which has been used on countless music releases and is the industry standard for audio enhancement.

“With all the talk today of delivering high quality audio to portable device users, and the suggestion that you need to buy a new device for better sound quality,” Parsons continues, “Aphex has come up with a much more realistic solution. I couldn’t tolerate portable music until I tried the Audio Xciter app…this is truly the best thing to happen to portable digital music in years.”

Aphex Chairman and CEO, David Wiener, stated, “Aphex’s 35 years in top studios and on major tours and the Grammys really counts for something. This app brings digital music to life and we put it out at a low price so everyone can enjoy it.” Audio Xciter can be tried for free, on both iOS and Android platforms.

Try Audio Xciter for iOS free:

Try Audio Xciter for Android free:

About Aphex:?Founded in 1975, Aphex is a leading manufacturer of high-quality dynamics and signal processing products for the professional audio, broadcast, fixed installation, M.I., touring-sound and home-recording markets. Aphex sells its products and licenses its technologies worldwide. From the early days with Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor to today’s stars, major concerts, CMAs and The Grammy®s, Aphex is the industry standard for audio enhancement and signal processing. Visit them at

About DWV Entertainment:?DWV Entertainment is a leader in audio and entertainment product and technology innovation. Along with the Aphex brand, the company’s DW Collection line of elegant home entertainment products has won worldwide acclaim for their visually stunning, high performance audio products, including the exclusive Ferrari Art.Engine home audio system and the Art.Suono audio transmission devices.

About Alan Parsons:?Alan Parsons is one of the world’s most respected producers, having worked with The Beatles, Yes, Pink Floyd, The Hollies, Paul McCartney and Al Stewart. Parsons achieved legendary status with his engineering work on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. His own band, The Alan Parsons Project, created a string of hit albums, and his achievements have been recognized with 11 Grammy nominations, The Les Paul Award and others. He is currently busy touring the United States, Europe and South America with his band, while also producing new music of his own, as well as other artists. His expertise in the world of sound engineering and production led to the release of an acclaimed instructional video series, The Art And Science Of Sound Recording.


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