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dBTechnologies - DVA at the Oktoberfest

Colito Productions Rolls Out dBTechnologies DVA at the Oktoberfest

This year more than six million visitors flocked to the Oktoberfest, surely the world's most famous fair. The rides and booths attracted many to Munich's 'Wiesn,' but the 14 big beer tents were the main crowd magnet.

One of these tents, the Fischer Vroni, accommodates more than 3,400 people. Revelers in the central seating area in front of the stage can enjoy the show full on, while guest in the outlying gallery enjoy the festival tent atmosphere from a lofty, 2.5 meter perch.

The catering is a treat. Although the Fischer Vroni offers the standard Oktoberfest fare ofpork knuckle and veal shank, its specialty is fish, and skewered fish in particular. Entertainment is also a top priority, and the featured classic Oktoberfest brass band knows how to put crowds in a partying mood.

Noise levels rise over the day as the conversation heats up and spirits run high. Colito Productions, a company based in Neunmarkt,developed a special sound reinforcement concept to ensure even the rowdiest audiences would be able to hear the PA. The tent operator wanted music and announcements to come across loud and clear throughout the tent, so excellent best speech and syllable intelligibility and consistent sound pressure levels were a must. What's more, it was vital that the signal would not spill over to neighboring areas outside the tent. And finally, service staff was to have the means to control the volume in the VIP area, with the FOH desk retaining the ability to monitor and limit those signals.

The main PA consisted of two flown line arrays equipped with seven dBTechnologies T8 DVA line array modules each. They were angled for 100 degrees directivity to provide uniform horizontal coverage and dispense with front-fills altogether. Two further flown stacks with five DVA T8 line array modules each served as the delay line to support the main PA and cover the upper tier at the back. Networked, powered enclosures covered the balconies, gallery and the area behind and beside the stage in support of the main PA. Service staff was indeed able to adjust the volume individually to suit the respective guests' wishes, but the signal was monitored and limited at the FOH desk to rule out any risk of exceeding the maximum level of 90dB (A) in the evening.

Production manager Michael Meister of Colito Productions says, "This year, we were asked to pay particular attention to low-frequency directivity and response, so we flew two DVA S1518s behind the DVA T8 line array. We configured an end-fire array in combination with fullrange-enabled DVA T8 modules to achieve the desired directivity and ended up with a sharp looking rig. Two 2x18" subs were integrated into the stage to optimize bass response, thereby ensuring uniform coverage throughout the tent." Meister is delighted with the result: "The sound design, which we have developed jointly with dBTechnologies Germany, worked out very well. We got nothing but praise from the operator and audiences.


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