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dBTechnologies - DVA in Finland

DVA in Finland

The month of April has seen yet another success for the partnership between dBTechnologies and Live Nation on the live scene in Finland.

Infact, three major finnish events have been realized thanks to Live Nations production and dBs DVA systems. It is a pleasure for dBTechnologies to cooperate with such a professional and esteemed partner. Its choice of launching the new DVA series in Finland is the demonstration of an ever growing collaboration.

The first live event took place in Pori. After winning their third national championship, Pori based Ässät, ice-hockey team, celebrated the title with an open-air party in front of more than 20000 delirious fans, who were literally blasted away by a DVA sound system so assembled: 6x DVA T12 plus 2x DVA S30N per side.

The event's main sound engineer, Mr. Ville Rantanen (owner of the DVA system), was very pleased with the system's power; “Throw was excellent, and especially the S30’s energy was amazing – even from the owner’s point of view” he stated.  A historical moment for the city, labelled dBTechnologies.

? A much more powerfull set-up was needed for the Rauma Rock Festival (27/4/2013), a yearly event created to promote finnish music, held in the local ice stadium. ? This year some of the biggest national idols such as rapper Cheek, singer Paula Koivuniemi, pop sensation PMMP, and rock-giants Yö, performed through our loudspeakers.

? In order to highlight indoor sound, the choice fell upon 6 x DVA T12 plus 2 x DVA T4 downfills per side, with six DVA S30N, two DVA S20DP subs and 12 x DVA T4 audience sidefills. Main engineer, Mr. Jussi Mäkelä said ”The total headroom and power of the system was awesome. We also reached the challenging corners of the ice hall’s spectator areas very well!”. ? The last “DVA-tagged” event was U-Turn National Youth Conference from the 24th up to the 28th of April, in Kerava. The onlus' conventions are gathering ever more participation as the years go by.

For this event, the team of engineers was composed by Mr. Ville Saarikangas, Mr. Matti Kemppainen and Mr. Minka Matikainen, while the set up was the following: DVA T4 and DVA S10 subs, with DM12 from the DVX series used as stage monitor. This allowed top quality audio for both daily conferences and evening live performances from rock band Great Wide North and rap crews IM-Boys and Pastorit.


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