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25Seven - Audio Time Manager

Audio Time Manager

Create Time… Shift Time… Control Time

Imagine A Longer Hour

You could run more local news, promos, ad-libs, whatever you need! 10% speed-up without pitch change, glitches or artifacts, so smooth listeners won’t even know it’s in use, even on stereo music. Audio Time Manager’s proprietary algorithms are designed for today’s radio needs.

Depending on program material, you will be able to add several minutes an hour with complete intelligibility.

Imagine Doing This On-The-Fly with No Math and No Operator Training

Our simple two-button interface lets you automatically create local inserts anywhere in the hour, and still join the network perfectly. Simple tape-like operation lets you “pause” a live feed, insert content, and rejoin on cue, without missing a beat.

Now, Imagine What ATM Can Do for You

Eliminate Back-Timing Hassles

Make the network start when you’re ready, even if you don’t know how long a local break will be. Just press Record to mark the beginning of the feed. Make the break as long as you want, and push Play. Audio Time Manager will play the feed from the top, with just the right amount of time compression, and then seamlessly join real-time. You can even have your automation system control Audio Time Manager… and do it all automatically!

Smoothly Introduce Random-Starting Events Like Press Conferences or Concerts

When the event starts, press Record, or use our Cue feature to rewind or skip forward to a pickup point. Ad-lib any length intro and then press Play. It’s as if they were waiting for your cue! No more awkward, time-wasting talk-ups.

Drop A Custom Break in the Middle of a Continuous Program

Insert ID’s, traffic updates, breaking news, commentary on an event… without missing anything. Just listen for any kind of pause—a beat between news stories or a breath—and press Record. Take your break and then press Play. Your listeners will hear the new content, and the entire original program.

Create Extra Ad, Promo or Underwriting Inventory When Needed

ATM can protect revenue and create programming options you’ve only dreamed about.

How ATM Does It

Virtually Imperceptible Time Compression 

At 10% faster — an additional 6 minutes per hour — most listeners won’t even be aware ATM is in use. Our technology makes this possible without choppiness, stutters or fuzziness. Even a smooth 20% speed-up is possible on some program material.

No Complicated Programming 

Two-button operation means you can react on-the-fly to severe weather alerts, late-starting press conferences, concert intermissions or breaks in a sporting event.

Our Time/Rate Management Calculator adjusts to what you want to do. Users can easily adjust time compression rates on-the-fly by percentage, or by entering a join time! In this example, a three-minute per hour (5%) rate will catch real-time at 10:57:14pm, in 5:08 minutes. Adjustments always sound smooth and glitch free.

Continuous Recording 

Think of ATM as a continuously recording one-hour stereo buffer, where audio is always recording, no matter what you are playing. You can always cue back to the correct audio, even if you pressed Record a few seconds late.

Keeps Programs Sounding Natural

Some technologies can drastically cut into pauses, destroying a personality’s careful delivery. Our proprietary algorithms intelligently process speech: pauses stay in proportion; pacing and inflection are maintained. Even stereo music stays clean and steady.

“Future-Proof” Audio Quality

Superior balanced analog I/O, with AES digital standard. 85 dB s/n, response 25 Hz-18 kHz (+0/-0.2dB) and 0.02% THD+N... even during time compression. Audio is always linear; no lossy data reduction to mess up your sound

Axia Livewire Compatible

ATM operates directly on Livewire AoIP networks.

Works with Automation Systems and Network Receivers

Expand local breaks and have perfect joins automatically. Keeps network cues in sync with audio, even during compression or delay.

Flexible Remote Control

Run ATM from its front panel. Add remote push-button and LEDs, or connect automation systems to the built-in 8x8 GPI/O. Control using serial RS-232 or via your station’s computer network.


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