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Zenith Classic Rock Use The Sonifex Redbox RB-HD2

Paul Dower celebrates St. Patrick's day at Zenith Classic Rock. In the background is a Sonifex Redbox RB-HD2 . Image supplied by and © of Andy Linton. 

Zenith Classic Rock is an internet radio station which broadcasts to the Southeast of Ireland via a temporary licence. An article in September 2013 edition of Radio World International about the station shows aphoto of rock jock Paul Dower in the Zenith studio celebrating St Patrick's day. Behind him is a rack of studio equipment which contains a Sonifex RB-HD2 Dual Stereo Headphone Amplifier.
The RB-HD2 is a high performance 2-way stereo headphone distribution amplifier for driving up to 2 pairs of professional stereo headphones from a single stereo or mono input. A switch on the rear panel enables the distribution of a mono signal to all four outputs (i.e. both earpieces of a pair of stereo headphones) via the left channel input. The stereo/mono switch is located on the rear panel to prevent accidental knocking.


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