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Broadcasters make Axia xSwitch a “Pick Hit”


Broadcast pros who came to the Axia Audio display at NAB 2013 were wowed by the brand-new Axia xSwitch, the new compact AoIP network switch just introduced. And so was the judging panel assembled by Radio magazine, who gave xSwitch a coveted "Pick Hit" award as the Las Vegas show closed.

"IP-Audio studio technology has become a favorite of broadcasters around the world," says Clark Novak, Axia's marketing manager. "Over 4,500 Axia-powered studios testify to that. But Axia engineers are never satisfied; they are always looking for ways to improve the operation and installation of IP-Audio networks. Our R&D crew thought that a pre-configured switch that requires almost no setup would be a big improvement over the complicated, fussy procedure of programming off-the-shelf gear — I guess the Pick Hit judges agreed!"
xSwitch allows broadcasters to place 8 Livewire® device ports and dual network trunking ports, each with redundant copper and SFP connections, into a unit that only takes half a rack space. Four of xSwitch's Livewire ports supply PoE (Power over Ethernet) to run Axia xNode AoIP interfaces, Telos VSet phones, or other PoE-capable equipment.
According to Novak, "Axia clients told us that they were most impressed by the ability for xSwitch to virtually configure itself. There's a one-button setup process; it only takes about 15 seconds to have an xSwitch connected to your Axia network and ready to route audio. That's a big improvement over the old days, when you could easily spend an hour programming a third-party switch."
"Clients also liked the fact that xSwitch allows them to add network ports a la carte, eight at a time, rather than buying a big, expensive switch and then leaving a dozen ports unused," Novak added. Some other xSwitch features that helped win the judges' favor:
  • Fanless, convection cooling and auto-switching internal power supply – no "wall warts".
  • Compact size: an xSwitch and xNode can fit side-by-side in just 1RU of space.
  • Built-in redundancy: xSwitch includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports with SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) interfaces for redundant, auto-switching copper or fiber trunking connections.
  • xSwitch supports 2,000 Multicast groups and 2,000 ARP table entries, which gives xSwitch 8 times more routing capacity than other small-form Ethernet switches.
  • PoE ports allow "stacking" an xSwitch with up to 4 Axia xNodes to create a 32x32 router that
  • requires just one AC power cable.


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