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New Omnia.11 Software Release (v1.4)

Team Omnia announces the release of version 1.4 software for Omnia.11, both FM and FM/HD versions. 

Based on feedback from our clients, Omnia.11 software version 1.4 includes the following enhancements:

* On-screen Help Text for both front panel and remote interface.

* Quick Setup tab.

* Sync Master control in the MBAGC Basic tab.

* Multiple Security Levels.

* Optional preset protection/encryption and per-unit authorization.

* DJ (low-latency output) Limiter Metering.

* Thunder Boost control in the WB / ENH / Advanced tab.

* Comparative Fail switch in the Input menu.

* Livewire Sync indicator on front panel screen and remote.

* Cardless Feature Activation capability.

* Phase Rotator for smoother voice.

* Bass Enhancer for fuller low-end.

* Faster Boot Time.BS-412 Limiter.

* Finer .01v increments on the composite output level controls.


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