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Omnia Knows WAFD's Five Favorite Bands

 We always like to hear from satisfied station General Managers. After all, if daddy (or mommy) ain't happy, no one else is!

Al Sergi, General Manager of Summit Media's WAFD, West Virginia's 50,000 watt hit station, couldn't be happier with his Omnia ONE FM.
"We replaced another company's nearly top-of-the-line unit with the Omnia ONE FM, and you wouldn't believe the audio quality and kick that we have now. The five bands really perform. I don't know how you do it in a unit that is so attractively priced".
Well, that's our little secret. But let's just say that there's a lot of firepower jammed into in that little 5-band box.
You know, Al's not alone. Just a short time ago, we shipped our 8,000th Omnia ONE and we are closing in on 8,500 any day now.


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