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DMT - High profile audio forum at the Shanghai Sheraton Hotel

Shanghai, China---Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd.(DMT) cooperated with the Shanghai Performance Trade Association, Shanghai Wenjian audio-visual Equipments Co., Ltd, Shanghai Haoyun Audio-Visual Equipments Co., Ltd. to hold a high profile audio forum at the Shanghai Sheraton Hotel.

The forum invited audio professionals to share the new technologies and trends in the pro sound industry. DMT showcased the renowned Clair Brothers speakers, DPA microphones and Solid State Logic’s Live console in the forum.

Clement Choi, DMT’s managing director, gave a warm welcome and great thanks to all the guests and mentioned that a mystery guest will share their experience as well as provide useful tips and techniques used in top recording projects in China. Mr. Choi also appreciated the great supports coming from different partners and friends in the industry, promising that DMT would continue to bridge the gap between manufacturers and Chinese users.


Clair Brothers Speakers in High Profile Performance.

DMT product manager Ryan Liang gave a lecture about Clair Brothers Speakers in High-end Performance. He explained and answered questions about setup, testing and alignment and shared how to make a flexible choice for PA systems.


DPA Technologies and Applications

Francis Lai from DPA introduced DPA’s history, the principles for condenser microphones, and DPA’s concept of bringing studio sound quality to the stage. He also showed many successful applications featuring DPA products. The forum also invited Mr. Ken Kimura, DPA’s general manager in the Asia-Pacific region. Ken was very pleased with the cooperation with DMT. ” DMT and DPA have been good friends and partners for years. DPA has a global reputation in the audio industry and are good at developing new products which are able to adapt to complicated environments. DPA always focuses on high-performance condenser microphones. DMT have same history and philosophy with DPA and they also have large-quantity of high-profile professional users in the Greater China region.

Our cooperation is always close and smooth and we’ll have more strategic co-operation in the future.”

DMT and DPA have built a strong strategic partnership now with Ken awarding DMT the certificate of “Stragitec Cooperation Authorization”


After that, Mr. Clement Choi awarded DPA and Sennheiser dealer certificate to Shanghai Wenjian Audio-Visual Equipments Co, Ltd, Shanghai Haoyun Audio-Visual Co., Ltd respectively. He sincerely expressed thanks to these two significant partners and hoped that DMT could work with more talent to provide better service for the industry.



The new standard for live mixing ----Solid State Logic Live Console

DMT product specialist Paul Men gave a presentation named “SSL Live---the new standard for live mixing”. He introduced Solid State Logic’s first ever live sound console which has extremely high processing power and extremely flexible I/O architecture. The console can have up to 976 physical inputs and outputs from both local I/O and remote Stageboxes. Effects have their own dedicated processing which is dynamically allocated while the rest of Live’s power is also allocated according to the required configuration. There are 192 simultaneous mix paths at 96kHz and these paths can be assigned as Channels, Stem Groups, Auxes and Masters to suit demands and configured as mono, stereo or LCR with either full processing or dry as required. 144 of the mix paths are full processing paths and 48 mix paths are dry.



At the end of the forum, DMT welcomed mystery guest Mr. Zuo Xin----one of the sound engineers for the most popular Chinese TV program “Voice of China”. Mr. Zuo is one of the most important sound engineers in China and he shared his experiences in using SSL Live. According to Zuo, SSL Live has extraordinary features for large-scale programs. The console is reliable and has flexible routing processing with a high resolution and easy-to-use touch screen. He said SSL Live has very accurate sound on all the frequencies and the overall sound quality was supreme. Every engineer who used Live would be impressed.


After the forum, guests had a banquet with relaxing music and enjoyed the world cup game all together. All of them were happy with the forum provided by DMT and the industrial association and showed great interest to the showcased products.




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