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Creating Native Instrument Official Account

Register an account for the Native Instrument Official Website After purchasing any native Instrument’s products, all you have to do is to register an account on the official website.

1. Open the Native Instrument’s official website, you will find ‘Login/Create Account’ in ‘My Account’ Official Website:

2. Click CREATE ACCOUNT to register an account

3. Follow the instructions shown and enter your personal details, then click CREATE to finish registration

4. Now, you have successfully created an account, the official website will then generate a password for you and will then login automatically, after that you need to change the password

Go to your personal email that you chose to register the account with, find an email that Native Instrument sent to you, then find the password that is generated.

Change Password

Then you have successfully created an official account for Native Instrument Download ‘NATIVE ACCESS’ Native Access is a program designed to keep all your software updated. Download at:

After downloading and installing Native Access, open the program to login to your account.

Software Registration After opening the software, click on ‘Add Serial’ to add the serial code, the program will then automatically detect the product.

Maschine software serial code is located at the back of the CD box

Do not forget the Komplete Select Software gifted by Maschine. Komplete Select has its unique serial code, after adding Maschine’d product serial number, add the Komplete Select serial number.

After adding the Komplete Selection serial number, the product will appear in your account.

After completing the registration of the Maschine software, you still need to register for the Maschine hardware/product. You can apply the same method and add the Maschine hardware/product serial number in Native Access, the serial number is located at the back of the product.

You can also directly register the product on the official website: Registration Website:

After adding the product serial number, you can check whether your product is added in the ‘Not Installed’ list. (Remarks: Maschine 2 factory library needs to be installed separately)


And now you have completed the product registration for Maschine.

You can check for products audemars piguet replica and software updates in ‘Available Updates’ column.


If you encounter any problems using Native Access to download, you can try and add the serial number in the official website.

We will provide more instructions for ‘Komplete KontrolS’ and ‘Traktor product registration and activation instructions’


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